The Ultimate Dog Seat Cover

The Ultimate Dog Seat Cover

So, what makes this the Ultimate Dog Seat Cover? it has a detachable fleece mat that is super comfortable for our dog, he didn’t want to leave the car. He seemed much more relaxed than normal.

It has a hammock option which is super easy to do, just slip it over the headrest. It is Waterproof. I feel relaxed knowing our car seats won’t become dirty and it’s washable. On the driver’s side there is a large pocket to store bowls, food and toys. It comes with dog seat belt leashes and can be stored in the nylon bag it comes in. Plus it comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. Sounds really good doesn’t it? well let me tell you, it is very good. Our dog loves it, we love it, absolutely no complaints.

Interested in learning more on how to purchase the Ultimate Dog Seat Cover? visit
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11 thoughts on “The Ultimate Dog Seat Cover

  1. I need this! Not only does it look soft and comfy for my dogs, it would do a great job at protecting my car’s leather seats. I always hate how filthy they get after our outings with the dogs so this would really help keep my car neat and tidy.


  2. We have to get this asap. Even if our dog is usually “behaved” during road trips, we cannot be totally sure he won’t have any “accidents.” I love the soft comfy cover too.


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