Who Wants to Receive a Package from Santa?

Who Wants to Receive a Package from Santa?

There are 3 different packages from Santa, Gold, Silver, & Platinum.
I am reviewing the Silver Package from Santa which includes:

  • Personalized Letter from Santa Claus
  • Personalized Nice List from Santa Claus
  • 81/2 x 11 Autographed Santa Claus Photo
  • Autographed Baby Rudolph Photo
  • Personalized Call from Santa
  • Personalized Santa Video

The envelope is colorful on both sides and includes Santa’s Special North Pole Return Address Label, Special Elf Shipping Label Addressed To Your Child, and a Genuine North Pole Stamp. I enjoyed having options to choose from with the personalized letters, video and phone message. There are options for kids who are on the nice or naughty list.

The cost is $24.95.

The only issue I had with the package is the envelope it comes in. It’s easily torn and was half open when it arrived. I think putting it inside another envelope to protect the beautifully colorful one it comes in would be a great idea.

Visit www.packagefromsanta.com for more information. If your child believes in and loves Santa Claus, then this is a magnificent gift to give.

Disclosure: I received the reviewed product in exchange for an honest review.

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