Sun Basket Healthy Cooking Made Easy Review

Sun Basket Healthy Cooking Made Easy Review

Pork carnitas tacos with avocado and cabbage slaw

Lettuce-wrapped turkey burgers with tomato relish and sweet potato fries

Tempeh Bolognese and rigatoni with roasted broccoli

Sun Basket offers Hand-selected. pre-measured ingredients that arrive fresh in an insulated box delivered weekly to your door.
Diabetes Friendly, Gluten-Free, Lean & Clean, Mediterranean, Paleo, Pescatarian (my fave), Quick & Easy, Vegan, Vegetarian, & Family options are available.

I like that the there are so many recipes to choose from and all the ingredients are clean and fresh. It makes me feel so good while cooking it and after eating it. As you can tell from the beautiful photos, the food & recipes offered are amazing!

Here are some of the amazing meals from Sun Baket:
Ginger-sesame chicken with sugar snap peas and red rice

Lettuce-wrapped turkey burgers with chraime-spiced carrot salad

Mediterranean egg sandwiches with spinach and olives

Lettuce-wrapped salmon burgers with lemon-dill mayo

Emerald cod chowder with potatoes and tomatillos

If you’d like to find out more about Sun Basket, visit

Disclosure: I received the reviewed products in exchange for an honest review.


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