Blue Buffalo Divine Delights Pate Variety Pack Filet Mignon & Porterhouse Flavor Dog Food Trays Review

The first ingredient is real, deboned beef made in the USA. It’s rich with protein, vitamins and minerals. It’s specially prepared for small dogs like my Lhasa Apso.

This product really came in handy because we were going on a long car ride and I didn’t want to feed him too much food before we left because sometimes he can get car sick. At the time we were in rush and I just opened one of the 3.5oz trays and put it on a plate really quick, it was very convenient and even good for bringing on the road in case you have a long family outing with your pet included, it’s a great way to easily feed your little pup without having a large can or needing a can opener. Great product! My dog loved every bite of it.

Check out for more more information on this and other products.

Disclosure: I received the reviewed product in exchange for an honest review as a #ChewyInfluencer


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