Learn How to Play Piano w/ the No. 1 Youtube Piano Tutor

This unique program will teach you how to play various styles of music such as, Ballads, Blues, Bosso Nova, Pop, Rock, and more. You will learn easily within minutes with the No. 1 Youtube Piano Tutor, David Yzhaki who has over 30 million views.

There are a variety of course to choose from:
Course #1: Piano Chords for Beginners
Course #2: Accompaniment for Intermediate Players
Course #3: The Solo Piano Course
Course #4: Blues and Improvisation
Course #5: Piano by Numbers
Course #6: Piano Theory
Course #7: Piano By Ear
BONUS: Christmas Songs – Solo

Plus 4 Unique Ebooks:
Ebook #1 – Blues Licks
Ebook #2 – Christmas for Beginners
Ebook #3 – Christmas for Beginners – Intermediate
Ebook #4 – Christmas for Intermediate

A special deal is happening now where customer’s Save 64% on all 7 courses plus Ebooks.

If you would like to learn more visit www.piano-by-chords.com

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How You Can Afford A Mattress w/ Smart Technology – Best Sleep Ever!

Eight Smart Mattress

Mattresses are expensive but what do you do when you need one now but don’t have a thousand dollars laying around?

Well Eight Sleep not only offers regular mattresses but they also offer Smart Technology to go with the mattresses and the prices are very reasonable, plus Eight Sleep offers monthly payment plans for all credit types! Imagine paying $50 dollars a month and sleeping on the most comfortable mattress ever.

Every night I lay down on my eight sleep mattress, I fall asleep quickly and wake up refreshed and feeling good. I’ve been sleeping on an eight sleep mattress for over a year now and it’s the best mattress I’ve ever owned.

Now if affordable monthly payments weren’t good enough, Eight Sleep also offers 100 Night FREE Trial on all mattresses & Free Shipping & Returns on ALL products.

Eight Sleep offers a variety of mattresses to suit your personal needs, check them out at EightSleep.com.

Eight Sleep - Last Night's Data

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Eight Smart Mattress Collection