Sun Basket Healthy Cooking Made Easy Review

Pork carnitas tacos with avocado and cabbage slaw

Lettuce-wrapped turkey burgers with tomato relish and sweet potato fries

Tempeh Bolognese and rigatoni with roasted broccoli

Sun Basket offers Hand-selected. pre-measured ingredients that arrive fresh in an insulated box delivered weekly to your door.
Diabetes Friendly, Gluten-Free, Lean & Clean, Mediterranean, Paleo, Pescatarian (my fave), Quick & Easy, Vegan, Vegetarian, & Family options are available.

I like that the there are so many recipes to choose from and all the ingredients are clean and fresh. It makes me feel so good while cooking it and after eating it. As you can tell from the beautiful photos, the food & recipes offered are amazing!

Here are some of the amazing meals from Sun Baket:
Ginger-sesame chicken with sugar snap peas and red rice

Lettuce-wrapped turkey burgers with chraime-spiced carrot salad

Mediterranean egg sandwiches with spinach and olives

Lettuce-wrapped salmon burgers with lemon-dill mayo

Emerald cod chowder with potatoes and tomatillos

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2018 – Save Up to 50% on Mother’s Day Gifts

Are you in search of the perfect gift for Mother’s Day? well I have a few right here that are guaranteed to put a huge smile on any mother’s face and create lasting memories of a gift given straight from the heart.

But that’s not all, these gifts come with Huge Savings too! It just can’t get any better.

Create your own personalized gift book that lists all the reasons why you love someone.
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Create beautiful, personalized photo books, cards, and home decor for the mothers in your life.
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Eight Sleep
Sleep now, pay later on smart mattresses
Eight Sleep offers three comfort models with unparalleled sleep technology, which includes a 100 Night Free Trial, Free Shipping & Free Returns.
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Flower Explosion
Best Fresh Flowers
Flower Explosion hand cuts the freshest flowers from their farm, package them, and send them on to you for a budget friendly price.
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A Gift Personalized
Mothers Day 2018
Personalized and Engraved Gifts for Mom.
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10 Perfect Mother’s Day Dessert Recipes

Angel Berry Trifle

Strawberry Icebox Cake

Peaches & Cream Cheesecake

Blueberry Banana Bake

Strawberry Shortcake Shish Kabobs

Rainbow Smoothie

Fresh Strawberry Cake

Ombre Oreo Cake

Glazed Butter Pecan Toffee Cookies

Rose Cake Pops


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DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Spiral Paper Rose Valentine Heart Card


Click HERE for the instructions.

Heart Pop Up Card

Credit: ManK Arts & Crafts

Click HERE for instructions.

Heart Pop Up Valentine Card
3d Heart Pop Up Valentine Card - Learn how to make these easy POP UP heart cards for Valentine's or Mother's Day. They are a great and easy alternative Explosion Card for Beginners #PopUp #Popupcards #hearts #3d #explosioncards #valentines

Click HERE for the instructions.

Candy Hearts Shaker Card


Click HERE for instructions.

Vaneltine's Day - LoveBook - Flowers

“Science of Yeast” Stem Box for Kids Review

Disclosure: I received the reviewed product in exchange for an honest review.

The Science of Yeast
My daughter enjoys baking and DIY projects so this was perfect for her. She is 11 years old and found this to be a little too complicated for her to do alone so it became a father/daughter project. I even had a hard time understanding everything but I think it’s an amazing teaching tool for young kids/teens and parents who help. Because not only does it require attention to detail, patience and studying but it’s fun. My daughter confused the measurements and the yeast wound up exploding and popping around. We thought it was funny and shared a few laughs.

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Wood Trick Hand & Observation Wheel Review

Disclosure: I received the reviewed products in exchange for an honest review.

Wood Trick has 3D Puzzles – 3D models, Educational Toys and Wooden Construction Sets which are eco-friendly and natural, made of wood. Sets are assembled without glue and chemicals, details are cut and ready-to-assemble, assembled models are movable.

My son loves to build things and he is only 9 years old. He had a fantastic time building the Hand and Observation Wheel. Both of these are under the “Complicated” category for ages 14+ and he was able to put them both together in full. He spent hours on the weekends completely dedicated and extremely happy as he put each piece together. It was great to see him have so much fun while learning.

The toothpicks were quite hard to insert but I’m sure that’s to keep everything securely connected. The construction sets are fragile and are meant for display rather than for play. My son has already picked out the next one he wants to try, the Crane.

Observation Wheel


If you would like to learn more visit

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Customize Your Granola with Bear Naked

I had a lot of fun customizing my granola. I was able to choose from over 50 chef-inspired ingredients. I chose Chocolate Granola, Praline Pecans, Cashews and Organic Pepitas. My family thoroughly enjoyed it.

At Bear Naked, there are more fun options besides customizing the ingredients, I also got to name my blend and choose a character with a backstory. I chose “Britney”. If you don’t want to choose from the available bear’s, you can choose to “Bearify” yourself or a friend and create your own story to be featured on the can. Wondering how much it costs? only $9.99 for an 11 ounce canister and free shipping. But, there’s more.

How does a monthly subscription sound where you’ll receive Two curated blends in 11oz Canisters of Granola Per Month for $18.99 a month + free shipping.