TJ’s Ice Cream Palace Review (Extra Large Ice Cream Cones!)

My family loves ice cream and we heard about how huge the ice cream cones are at TJ’s Ice Cream Palace and boy, were they right! Check out the size of these large ice cream cones for only $2.99 oh and let me tell you, the ice cream tastes amazing! I could eat this every day.

If you are ever in Corry, Pennsylvania between April – September, make sure to stop by TJ’ Ice Cream Palace to taste this delicious sweet treat for yourself.



Fox’s Pizza Den “Big Daddy” Review

The “Big Daddy” Pizza consists of 21 square style slices. The entire size is a whopping 24″x12″. Yes 2 feet of pizza! My favorite toppings are pepperoni and sausage which goes along perfectly with the 2 topping deal for only $17.99. Not bad huh?

Now the fun part is trying to decide which slices to have first because they all look so scrumptious. I personally like the crust so I go for the ends and any with puffs.

This Fox’s Pizza Den is located in Corry, Pennsylvania. Click HERE to find a location near you.